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Invited Lecture on the First Book on Cosmopolitanism

On 29 May 2022, I was invited to give a lecture on my article in Early Modern French Studies, ‘Transcending the Public and the Private: The Cosmopolitanism of Freemason Joseph Honoré Rémy’. I am very thankful to the organisers at … Continue reading

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My PhD won De Gruyter’s 10th Anniversary OA Competition

Press Release 10 years of Open Access Books at De Gruyter – 10 Winning Titles! Winning titles of De Gruyter’s Open Access Book Anniversary competition announced Berlin, 27 September 2021 In late 2020, De Gruyter celebrated its 10th open access book … Continue reading

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New blog post on Rémi’s Le cosmopolisme

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History of Cosmopolitanism in Western Political Thought

My master’s thesis “Element of an Archaeology of Cosmopolitanism in Western Political Thought: A Return to the French Enlightenment” is now available for download on the Danish website of the Department of Political Science, Centre for European Politics, University of … Continue reading

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Avenel’s biography of Anacharsis Cloots

Avenel, Georges (1865), Anacharsis Cloots: L’orateur du genre humain, Paris : Librairie internationale. This is one of the very first biography existing on this not so well-known history character of the French Revolution, Anacharsis Cloots. The merit of this book is … Continue reading

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Schlereth: The Cosmopolitan Ideal in Enlightenment Thought

Schlereth, Thomas (1977) The Cosmopolitan Ideal in Enlightenment Thought: Its Form and Function in the Ideas of Franklin, Hume, and Voltaire, 1694-1790. Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press. Thomas J. Schlereth studied how the cosmopolitan ideal had a “noticeable … Continue reading

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Thesis graded

My thesis has been graded and I received the best grade possible in the Danish system: 12. That makes it an A in the ECTS system. Plus an excellent assessment of my work by my supervisor and my ‘censor’. I … Continue reading

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