Legal Sociology

I taught legal sociology to BA students at the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences, Department of Law, University of Southern Denmark as part of the course ‘Legal History, Legal Sociology, Legal Philosophy’, Fall 2022.

Legal Sociology (Danish) as part of the course “Legal history, Legal sociology, Legal philosophy”1 sessions per week (3x45min.) for 4 weeksCa. 100Morten Kjær (coordinator) Bjarke Visum (other teacher) FEPLectures Cases Discussions Supervision Exam: home essay + oral examinationAutumn 2022SDU/Social sciences/Law15

My courses focused on:

  1. Introduction to sociological method and theory: classical sociology, legal formalism v. legal sociology, Petrzycki, Ehrlich
  2. Classical sociologists: Marx, Weber, Durkheim.
  3. Contemporary German sociologists: Habermas, Beck, Teubner and reflexive law
  4. Theories of the State (Weber, Habermas, Bourdieu), The role of the courts of law (Weber, Durkheim, Contemporary functionalists), and the Legal Profession (Weber, Durkheim, Parsons, Geiger, Aubert, neomarxism, neoweberianism, Galanter’s megalaw)

I presented legal sociology as one of the disciplines that allows to ‘think outside the box’ of legal dogmatics and criticise and expand our conception of what the law is:

Activities included using some theories used by legal sociologists to what we have previously seen in legal history. For instance Marx on the development of the state and the role of the law in a historical perspective: from the ancient régime to the bourgeois industrial revolution:

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