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I was born in Odense (Denmark), and grew up in Paris (France) since the age of 3. I have lived and studied in London, Vienna, Copenhagen, Berkeley, Florence, Rome, Munich, Wolfenbüttel, and Halle.


  • PhD History, European University Institute, Florence, Italy
  • MSc Political Science, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • MA Central and East European Studies, University of Paris East, Marne-la-Vallée, France
  • LLB, LLM, French, International & EU law, University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, France


French: mother tongue
English: C2
Danish: C2/mother tongue
German: C1
Italian: C1
Spanish: Good reading comprehension, passive usage
Latin: intermediate


Postdoctoral project on privacy in early modern political and economic thought with a focus on Thomas Hobbes at Chatsworth House, and Hermann Conring in Helmstedt.

10 Responses to CV

  1. Dr. Ulrike M. Vieten says:

    Hi there,

    I just came across your website and would like to make and then keep in contact; I wrote my PhD thesis on ‘Situated Cosmopoltanisms: the notion of the Other in contemporary discourses on cosmopolitanism in Britain and Germany’, University of East London; similarly I modified elemets of Foucault’s archeology method and CDA… let’s chat at another time ( still in hilday mood..)

    Best, Ulrike

  2. Frank Ejby Poulsen says:

    Dear Ulrike,
    I am very happy that you dropped a comment here. My goal with this blog is after all to build an academic/interested network on cosmopolitanism. Please do keep in touch when you no longer are in “hilday” (holiday?) mood. I am particularly interested in knowing what your definition of “cosmopolitanism” is, how exactly you used Foucault, and hmm… what’s a CDA?
    I have now submitted my thesis (I will upload it on the blog when I get my mark) and I have more time to write on my blog about cosmopolitanism as a political theory.
    Also, I am moving to London in October, do not hesitate to let me know if you’ve heard of any great job for a freshly graduated student possibly in the field of research.

  3. Frank Ejby Poulsen says:

    Aah! CDA = Critical Discourse Analysis… Just found out.

  4. hi again, well holiday…quite right..your plans sound very ambitious; in principal, London as THE cosmopolitan city is a good place to live and think. Unfortunately; extremely expensive… likewise, please, keep me posted about resarch possibilities. I might be in London sometime in October, we should meet up for a capuccino and discuss some ideas;
    Ciau for now, U

    PS Feeö free to contact me directly via email

  5. me again, sorry for mistakes in spelling; by the way; here my blog ;;
    started to experiment with visual stuff…, U

  6. Frank Ejby Poulsen says:

    Hello back Ulrike,
    I sent you an email with a vacancy as Research Associate that might be of interest to you.
    Welcome to the blogosphere! I added you in my links to blogs. Not much content yet as I could see, but I am confident there will be soon. I’ll be reading.
    Arriving in London in October seems to me more and more unlikely by the day because of some personal reasons. It all depends on finding a job really. As you mentioned it is expensive and without a job I cannot really find a place to live, and vice versa. But I promise you we’ll be discussing some cosmopolitan ideas at some point.

  7. Tony says:

    Very interesting work. I will come back to read more.
    bon chance!

  8. Frank Ejby Poulsen says:

    Hi Tony,
    Thanks for you comment. Don’t hesitate to participate with your own thoughts or experiences.

    PS: just to help you perfect your French, it’s “bonne chance,” as chance is a feminine word :).

  9. Basudeb Chaudhuri, University of Caen says:

    I just read this, beautiful piece, enjoyed it. Are you still in France?
    best regards.

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