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Arendt on Privacy

Read my blog post on Arendt’s views on privacy here.

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Private academic debates and public knowledge: Hermann Conring’s analysis of the Holy Roman Empire at the University of Helmstedt

I wrote a post on Hermann Conring based on Constantin Fasolt’s research to form the basis of my research project on the issue of privacy in academic debates in 17th-century Germany.

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Work in progress on privacy in Glasgow

Check my work in progress on privacy in eighteenth-century Glasgow. I focus on Francis Hutcheson’s teaching of moral philosophy.

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Privacy in history: methodological considerations

Check my New post about methodology for studying privacy in history on the Centre for Privacy’s blog.

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Presentating my paper on Le Barbier’s Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen, 18 July 2019 ISECS, Edinburgh

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The Universal Claims of Cosmopolitanism

The Universal Claims of Cosmopolitanism NYUAD Institute March 24, 2010

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Prof. Cyrus Patell at NYU on Cosmopolitanism

Featuring discussions of cosmopolitanism and deliberative democracy; Raymond Williams’s model of dominant, residual, and emergent cultures; Puritanism and Jeffersonianism; the horizon of expectations and the aesthetics of reception; canonization; ideology; and American Exceptionalism.

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Looking for a job in London

I am currently unable to find some time to post more on cosmopolitanism. I am dividing my time between my current part-time job, and my job search as I am moving to London on 1 October. I am also looking … Continue reading

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