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  1. csprotte says:

    Hi Frank,

    It was strange to suddenly land upon your blog, I don’t even know how anymore. At first, I thougt it was my own because it uses the same wordpress template and contains the same keyword: cosmopolitan.

    As it turns out, I too am of Danish origin, but grew up in the US before coming to live in Paris. Your academic work is something I would have liked to have done myself, except that I bifurcated a long time ago.

    At present, I am working on a very pragmatic (survival-oriented) project that nonetheless encourages cosmopolitan thinking. I have even considered calling this new business “”.

    For the time being, it’s called Parisharing and you can learn more on
    I would be very grateful if you could take 6 minutes to participate in my survey of people dreaming of a more affordable Paris (available on the website).

    I need to find several thousand cosmopolitan-minded people to get this business off the ground

    Best wishes for your research.

    Carsten Sprotte

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