My postdoctoral research at CINTER, URJC (2023-2024) focuses on the private library of Don Juan José de Austria (1629-1679).

My postsdoctoral research at the Centre for Privacy Studies (2019-2023) focused on two cases in the seventeenth century:

  1. Chatsworth and Hardwick Hall: their intellectual life around the private libraries and the early writings of Thomas Hobbes
  2. The University of Helmstedt: private teachings at Professors’ houses and their libraries, in particular Hermann Conring’s courses and writings in political and legal thought

I have a forthcoming book about cosmopolitanism in the French Revolution and I continue my research on Enlightenment cosmopolitanism with a focus on France. I have recently published an article on the freemason Joseph-Honoré Rémi, who wrote the first book on cosmopolitanism in French.

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