Frank_croppedThis is my professional website. I started it as a master’s student writing my dissertation on cosmopolitanism. Since then I wrote a Ph.D. thesis on Anacharsis Cloots, whom I identified as a figure of ‘cosmopolitan republicanism’. The monograph based on my thesis will be published in 2023 by De Gruyter and won the 10th anniversary open access competition.

Since 1 September 2019, I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Centre for Privacy Studies, University of Copenhagen. My research focuses primarily on 17th-century Helmstedt with Hermann Conring‘s private teaching of legal and political thought, and Chatsworth and Hardwick with Thomas Hobbes’s activities.

My research interests lie within intellectual history, legal history, and the history of knowledge. I am interested in private libraries and the ordering of knowledge, its actors, and the circulation of ideas. I am also interested in the teaching of legal history and how the discipline emerged and evolved at European universities.

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Best wishes,


3 Responses to About

  1. abenyusuf says:

    Cher ami,

    Merci pour ta visite, ton lien de réciprocité, qui est aujourd’hui une belle façon de développer un étiquette de la Toile, et pour ton commentaire qui me flatte.
    J’ai trouvé ton blog à travers le tag “Otherness”, qui m’ amené à ton commentaire de l’essai de Todorov. Le système de wordpress.com facilite énormément le rajout de liens dans le blogroll, et j’ai pensé que le tien méritait, tout au moins, un coup d’oeil supplémentaire, si ce n’est que parce que le sujet du cosmopolitisme est aussi riche que prometteur.
    Je crois comprendre que tu habites à Vienne, ville avec Paris et Londres qui détient un des passés les plus revisités par l’art et la construction politique d’un imaginaire de l’Europe d’après les charniers. Comme j’ai pu visiter à plusieurs reprises cette ville, je serai heureux de lire dans ton blog des futures divagations écrites sur le Ring, la Stefansplatz ou le troisième homme.

    Meilleures amitiés,
    Abdullah A.

  2. tal donahue says:

    I am currently an undergraduate history & classics student. At the moment I’m writing my dissertation on the influence of the West (principally Britain and America) on nineteenth century Jerusalem and whether this period of sustained international interest either helped develop or destroy the city’s cosmopolitan potential. It cannot be doubted that Jerusalem holds a status unlike any other city in the world as a force for simultaneously uniting and dividing. There is potential here to discuss the development of Ottoman tolerance, Western ‘liberal-imperialism’ and the cosmopolitanism associated with the monotheistic religions.
    Any information/hints you think would be pertinent would be much appreciated! And, if you want, I can keep you posted with my own work and theories.

  3. Hi there,
    It sounds like a great topic. Is it your BA dissertation?
    Unfortunately, I am acquainted neither with the period or the place.
    Are you focusing more on the historical and social aspect or the intellectual one? I am more into intellectual history. If you expand a little bit more, I may have a better idea about your project and perhaps give you some interesting directions. I also think I can learn from your project. I’m focusing on the “birth” of what could be called “Western modern cosmopolitanism”, or just “modern cosmopolitanism”, during the 18th century, particularly in France, and a little in Germany. Indeed, there is a liberal imperialism attached to it. Let me know about your project.

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