Apply to the European University Institute Doctoral Programme

Every year, 160 research grants are awarded by the EU Member States and other European national authorities to successful candidates. The deadline is 30 January 2010.

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Why Choose the EUI

The European University Institute (EUI) in Florence offers one of the world’s largest and most distinguished graduate and postgraduate programmes in the social sciences.

Its Departments of Economics, History and Civilization, Law, and Political and Social Sciences, with their researchers, fellows, faculty and visitors, constitute an international research environment with a community of scholars drawn from over fifty countries in Europe and beyond.

The EUI is home to the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies|, an interdisciplinary policy research centre working on issues of European integration and European society.

It is also home to the Max Weber Programme for Postdoctoral Studies|, a programme for your academics starting out on a professional career and who wish to develop their research and teaching skills.

Research is supported by a first-class Library| which collection consists of over 3000 print journals, over 8000 full-text electronic journals, and approximately half a million volumes in economics, history, law, and political and social sciences.

The EUI hosts the Historical Archives of the European Union| with its unique collection of fonds released under the thirty-years’ rule.

From admission through to completion of the four-year funded| doctoral programme, the EUI offers its researchers excellent academic resources in an environment that is as dynamic as it is diverse.

The EUI ranked amongst the best according to the CHE ExcellenceRanking 2009

CHE EcellenceRanking 2009

The Department of Political and Social Sciences has distinguished itself for its international character and the optimal results obtained in its research.

The complete results of the survey| have been published in the German weekly newspaper Die Zeit.

The criteria for the selection by the Center for Higher Education Development are the high numbers of publications and citations, “highly cited books” as research indicators, student mobility, teaching staff mobility, and the number of projects in the Marie Curie research promotion programme of the EU.

What is special about the CHE ExcellenceRanking? It defines “stars” rather than ranking positions.  It is about detailed analysis rather than general ranking. The results of the research are deliberately not added together to give a total number of points.

The reason for this is that there is simply no “best” higher education institution, either for a single discipline, let alone for all disciplines. The ranking is intended for all students/researchers planning to earn a master or doctoral degree and who are looking for a suitable institution for their research.

For more information visit the CHE ranking

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