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Cosmopolitanism and all that jazz

Peter Wessel wrote an excellent essay on jazz, a tad historical and analytical, of the mingling, or lack thereof, and intermingling of cultures and traditions. If music is already considered to be the most universal mode of communication, then jazz … Continue reading

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ius gentium droit naturel chez Rabelais, et progression sur les Lumières

Petite note de lecture en passant. Rabelais évoque à propos des couleurs de Gargantua, la distinction entre jus gentium et droit naturel (jus naturae) dans Gargantua aux éditions de la Pléiade (pp. 30-31): Et n’est cette signifiance par imposition humaine … Continue reading

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Mikkel Thorup – Cosmopolitics!

Great article in Eurozine published in 2006 by Mikkel Thorup, lecturer at the University of Århus in Denmark, on political cosmopolitanism. It explains well where contemporary cosmopolitanism stands, in between universalism, pluralism, and nationalism: “New cosmopolitanism is therefore critical of … Continue reading

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From the nation-state to the cosmopolitan-state: politics and culture for the 21st century

Thank you Peter for commenting on “Polyfonias” and delving into literary analyses. I would like to add to your comment on monolingualism. It seems that today we have forgotten our past when it comes to language. Our past was Babelian … Continue reading

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